090505 Guest Speaker, Rev Kaye Colliver, Sudanese Refugees
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090505 Guest Speaker, Rev Kaye Colliver, Sudanese Refugees

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Rev Kaye represents two parishes, Croyden Park and Woodville Gardens.

When Kaye commenced at Woodville Gardens there were only 12 members. The number of members has grown over the last 2 years as a result of influx of humanitarian refugees from Sudan, and surrounding countries.

Kaye provided information on the terrible ordeals that families have faced due to the civil war occurring in Sudan.  Young boys witnessing their parents and family members being murdered.

She also told of the hardships faced by young children, such as walking hundreds of kilometres to escape the fighting. There are thousands of starving children in Sudan as a consequence of the war.

Rev Kaye has been assisting broken families who have entered Australia under Australia’s humanitarian refugee program.

Australia takes 13,500 humanitarian refugees per year.  Australia receives over 67,000 applications for humanitarian refugee positions per year.

Rev Kaye has accommodated 10 humanitarian refugee family members from Sudan for a period of 4 to 5 months to help them settle in Australia.

Rev Kaye has commenced a fund raising program to provide food to help children avoid dying of hunger.  Her church has raised $28,000 over the last 18 months to feed children in Sudan.

The Anglican Church has established a Pilgrim church servicing 87 family units, 439 family members, 139 children under 13.

Support can be provided to Rev Kaye via donations to continue the great work for the refugee families.




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